Cosmetic Surgery: a Life-Changing Choice?

plastic surgery If you have spoken with anyone about your desire for cosmetic plastic surgery, one of the questions you may have been asked by a well-meaning loved-one is what you think your prospective procedure will do for you. On one hand, this question seems valid. Perhaps it is worth some contemplation. On the other hand, there really is merit to the idea that cosmetic surgery can change your life, and there is plenty of research to back up this claim.

An Objective Look at Cosmetic Enhancement

Not all research applies to cosmetic plastic surgery. Some studies have looked at non-surgical enhancements as well. One, conducted in 2008 by Cornell University researcher Dr. Neil Sadick, discovered that the large majority of his 105 participants felt a significant boost in their social and professional relationships, as well as their sex lives, 6 months post-treatment. Another study conducted by Dr. Sadick focused on the psychological effect of breast-lift surgery on 110 women. Of these participants, 95% reported a greater sense of overall wellness after their procedure.

Another significant study, which was published in the Clinical Psychological Science in 2013, also confirmed an impressive improvement in patients’ view of their quality of life after cosmetic plastic surgery. The prospective study included a large group of patients who had never had plastic surgery but wanted to, as well as two equally large control groups; one including individuals who were interested in cosmetic change but opted not to have surgery, and the other including 1000 individuals who had no interest in cosmetic surgery. Patients were surveyed at the 12 month mark after the study began, and those who had undergone their chosen plastic surgery reported feeling less anxious, more confident in their appearance, and generally happier with their lives.

More Objectivity . . .

With all the positive input from study participants, one could fall into the mindset that cosmetic plastic surgery can be a life-changing decision. This is true; but it does not mean that changing an aspect of your appearance, such as the size of your breasts, is a guaranteed path to greater happiness. Research also confirms that patients with unrealistic expectations of plastic surgery are those that are least satisfied with the results.

We love helping our patients achieve their desired look, and seeing how it improves their lives. To explore what cosmetic treatments can do for you, give us a call.

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