Abdominoplasty Recovery, Making it Work

Body Tite 300x193 2 Fans of fashion guru Tim Gunn adore his encouraging words to up and coming designers; “Make it work,” he says in the face of potential disaster. These words apply to a number of life situations, including the time after your abdominoplasty procedure. While you may be preparing for surgery by avoiding tobacco and alcohol, or attending required appointments, it is also beneficial to look to the future; to your own Make it Work moment of recovery.

There are several general guidelines that are provided for abdominoplasty recovery. However, most do not get into the finite details that can elevate your entire experience. Here, we want to discuss how you can prepare to recovery in the lap of luxury.

Your Home, Your Sanctuary

Considering that your recovery from tummy tuck surgery will take place at home, you can look at this area in a new light. For many of us, home translates into dishes, cooking, childcare, pet care, and more. For this reason, it is important to change – at least temporarily – this association between “home” and “work.” For a time, “home” needs to be “sanctuary.” Here are a few ways you can make this switch.

  • One of the most important factors in your recovery is comfort, and you are provided with prescription pain medication to achieve this goal. Fill your prescription ahead of time, and keep it within reach. Set a timer so you can take medication like clockwork. Do not skip doses, even if you feel “ok.”
  • On the note of comfort, elevate this sense with luxurious amenities. This may include niceties as simple as a soft, warm blanket, or ambient lighting, or flowers near your bed. Think of the things that give you a sense of serenity, and bring them into your home.
  • Ensure proper nutrition. Your time should be spent sitting or lying back and relaxing, not cooking. If need be, prepare healthy dishes the week prior to your tummy tuck, so they can be heated and served without inconvenience on your part.

Of course, it is the end result that brings you the greatest satisfaction from abdominoplasty. But why not also create comfort throughout the process?

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