Men are Getting into the Game when it comes to Age-Management

men plastic surgery From fillers to facelifts, the field of aesthetic medicine has largely been supported by women. More recently, however, we are seeing an increased interest coming from the men’s side of the aisle. We applaud any person who makes a decision to improve something that has rocked their self-esteem, and enjoy seeing how open most people are today to discuss how they are staying young.


This cosmetic solution was not initially intended for the purpose it now fills. However, the purified protein has become renowned around the world for safely and quickly reducing troublesome concerns such as crow’s feet and frown lines. Like women, men whose foreheads and brows are marked with horizontal or vertical lines can look worried or angry. Softening these lines does not inhibit facial expression, and it can actually heighten face to face interaction!

Dermal Fillers

Volume loss is a real downer. Quite literally, the decrease in fatty and fluid substances beneath the skin can lead to a downward fall of facial skin. The jowls become heavy and loose, as do the eyelids. The cheeks flatten, and the jaw line can lose is masculine angles. Dermal fillers are formulated for just about every area of the face, and for mild to severe lines and folds. Reinstating more youthful contours  can be a big confidence booster.

Eyelid Surgery

The eyes are one of the first areas of the face to indicate age. Consequences of loose, sagging skin on either the upper or lower lids include the perception of anger or unfriendliness. A man with heavy eyes looks far more tired than he may feel, and this can affect his work relationships as well as his social interactions. An eyelid lift, called blepharoplasty, can be a great way to rejuvenate the entire face.


The older a man gets, the more he may struggle to maintain a slim, toned physique. This can be due to the natural decline in testosterone as well as a less active lifestyle. The areas that are often affected by unwanted fat are the flanks, or love handles, and the abdomen. Excess breast tissue may also become a disruptive problem. To make their time in the gym count, many men are turning to liposuction to complement their physical activity and healthy eating habits.

What good comes of procrastinating when it comes to feeling your best? Don’t wait. Contact our office to discuss your cosmetic concerns.

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