Turn back time on aging – your own fat is restored precisely where undesired fat loss occurred. It is your own fat without the transfer, without the surgery, without the unpredictability.

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What is Renuva?

Groundbreaking new injectable treatment Renuva restores age-related fat volume loss (fat atrophy) with your body’s own fat, providing lasting all-natural results. Renuva, containing the same protein and collagen found in your own fat, promotes lost fat volume regrowth in both superficial and deep fat planes. Your body replaces the lost fat within the injected area only, precisely restoring volume loss, reversing the most obvious signs of aging. Dr Wiener uses Renuva for lasting precision volume restoration in all layers of soft tissue.

Renuva is only in the hands of elite medical aesthetic professionals.

Both women and men begin to lose fat in the deep layers of the face in their 20s. This loss begins to become noticeable in the late 30s/early 40s, which is when people typically begin using Hyaluronic acid fillers to replace volume loss. In the face, the deep layer of fat creates crucial support for the facial structures, loss of this layer appears as thinning, and sagging. Superficial fat layers make our skin look young and healthy, its loss creates wrinkles and irregularities. Precisely restoring both these fat layers with Renuva allows us to address not only volume, but precisely reshape the facial features affected by fat loss. Our team of elite injectors restore both deep and superficial fat layers achieving a youthful, healthy appearance, turning back the dial of time.

How long does Renuva last?

Renuva eventually disappears and is replaced with your own fat, leaving lasting results that remain as long as your own fat cells would normally last – which varies for each individual. While each person is unique, the average fat cell life span is 10 years.

How does Renuva work?

Renuva contains the same collagens, growth factors and proteins as your own fat. When injected, Renuva is gradually replaced with your own fat cells, restoring the age-related fat loss with your own fat. Over the course of four to six months post treatment, Renuva dissolves and is eliminated by the body, leaving only the person’s own fat in the treated area.

Renuva can be injected anywhere in the body where fat naturally exists, shaping smaller areas, correcting volume deficiencies, even adding desired volume to larger areas over time.


Areas of treatment include:


Renuva restores lost volume in the cheeks, temples, nasolabial folds and other areas of the face,
correcting age-related volume changes and deficiencies. Used to restore both deep and superficial fat layers to the desired volume Rejnuva is a long lasting natural antiaging solution. Turn back the dial of time, restore your own lost fat precisely where needed and desired. Our elite injectors use Renuva in both deep and superficial fat planes to expertly restore the supportive tissue to address sagging face, and superficial fat layers to address facial wrinkles. The perfect all-natural fat regrowth is achieved in precise volume and precise placement of Renuva. Never look overdone.



Renuva restores volume for smoother and tighter skin in the neck and decolletage, diminishing wrinkles, and restoring youthful smoothness. As we age our superficial fat layer that gives our skin the youthful soft and firm look starts to diminish. This can be corrected with Renuva precisely placing the product in the areas where fat restoration is desired shaping the contour and firming the skin. Youthful neckline and smooth chest is often achievable without surgery in the hands of our elite injectors.

Neck Before After Renuva


Renuva replenishes age-related fat loss in the hands, reducing the appearance of veins, ligaments, bones, and loose skin. Fat loss in both deep and superficial planes have a devastating aesthetic affect on the appearance and age perception of our hands. Many available treatments within the past years included laser treatments and fat transfer surgery. With the revolutionary new filler Renuva in the hands of our elite injectors, the age of your hands can be reversed. All the issues -volume, shape, and color- are addressed during the treatment process restoring the youthful appearance with a lasting result.

Hands Before After Renuva


Renuva can be used anywhere fat naturally exists in the body to volumize hip-dips, erase cellulite dimples, smooth post-liposuction irregularities, flatten depressed scars, and create fulness and curves where desired. As we age our body’s natural fat layers, both deep and superficial decline in volume, leaving us often with shape changes that are not always welcomed. Renuva allows our team of elite injectors to recreate some of the lost contours or reshape certain areas to the desired shape and volume with lasting results.


Renuva is ideal for contouring smaller body areas that don’t respond to exercise – for example delicate contouring of the buttocks. The “hip dips” that exaggerate “saddle bags” can be corrected with Renuva to achieve a natural, lasting results. In the skilled hands of our elite injectors Renuva is used to create the youthful curves you desire.


Renuva is used to camouflage breast implant irregularities, rippling, or indentations in the breast contour, without the need for surgery. Many ladies with “breast gap” are turning to Renuva to naturaly reshape their decolletage. Your own body fat is the best, most natural solution, that not only fills the missing volume, adds desired curves, but also eliminates vertical chest wrinkles. In patients with thinning chest volume due to aging and sun damage, Renuva when expertly injected is used to restore the youthful soft look and feel.

Breast Before After Renuva


Loss of volume in your earlobe is a sign of aging in the hands of skilled elite injector can be reversed with Renuva. The thinning and laxity of the earlobe are corrected in the hands of our expert injectors, giving you back the youthful appearance. Earrings can be worn the same day.


Restore youthful fulness and shape of your labia majora with Renuva with our highly trained and experienced elite injectors. Lost fat and volume deficiencies caused by loss of fat (natural part of aging) are restored to the desired shape and size.


Renuva is used to correct (even) depressed scars and skin irregularities. Placement of precise amount of the fat regrowth stimulant is expertly injected to the defect and over a period of four to six months your own fat populates the area giving you a natural contour.

Are there any allergens in Renuva that people should be aware of?

Renuva is not suggested for patients with severe allergy sensitivities or with a history of anaphylaxis. Patients who are concerned about severe allergy sensitivities or have concerns should consult their physician. Possible adverse effects using human adipose include but are not limited to: - Anaphylaxis or other allergic response (e.g., urticaria) - Specific or non-specific immune response to some component of the graft - Rare allergic reactions have been reported

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