Micro Laser Peel Chicago, IL

Micro Laser Peel Chicago, ILFor patients who wish to minimize fine wrinkling and the blotchy pigment that occurs with aging and sun damage, Dr. Wiener offers the Micro Laser Peel. This light laser resurfacing procedure, done under local anesthesia, can strip away the years and the results can be dramatic.

Dr. Wiener uses the best resurfacing laser on the market (Joule by Sciton) to remove a portion of the outer layer of the skin. An anesthetic cream is applied to the face for approximately twenty minutes, and then the procedure is done quickly and comfortably while cool air is blown on the face to maximize comfort. The skin is pink with mild inflammation and some peeling starting two to three days post procedure, much like a sunburn. A special cleanser and moisturizer are used post procedure. Within a week, make-up can be applied and healing has begun.

One Micro Laser Peel can make a significant difference, but several micro peels done in a series approximately 6-8 weeks apart can have even more dramatic results. Safe and effective for all skin types, this treatment is recommended in combination with a skin care plan using Retin-A and a topical vitamin C. The skin becomes smooth, even-toned, and less wrinkled.

This is one of Dr. Wiener’s most popular resurfacing procedures because it is quick, easy and patients experience minimal down time, with maximum results!

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