3 Things to Avoid After a Back Lift

Bra-line Back Lift Chicago, IL Having excess money in your bank account and excess vacation days are all things worth bragging about, but having excess back fat certainly doesn’t make the cut. If you have back fat that drapes over your bra or that makes it impossible for you to wear a strapless dress without feeling self-conscious, then you may want to consider getting a back lift from Dr. Gregory Wiener. By surgically removing excess fat and skin from your back, patients who get this surgery rave about their results. To help ensure that you get the best results, however, it’s important that you follow some recovery tips. This article will discuss three things to avoid after getting a back lift. Read on to learn more.


Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health— unless you’re recovering from surgery. We encourage our patients to avoid any strenuous exercise or activities for around four weeks after surgery, because if it can place an undue amount of strain on your back and even open up your incisions.

Heavy Lifting

Whether it’s boxes or a child, try to avoid any heavy lifting after surgery. Because your surgery was on your back, any heavy lifting can open your incision, cause infection, or even increase your swelling. If you need something lifted, try asking a neighbor for help instead.

Regular Bras

As a female, it can be hard to leave the house without wearing a bra, but you should avoid wearing a regular bra for the first few weeks following surgery because it will just irritate your incision. Instead, make sure you wear the compression shirt/bra that we send you home with following surgery. This will not only help reduce swelling, but it will also restrict breast movement— a win, win during recovery.

Avoiding the three things listed above will help ensure that you have a smoother, speedier recovery. To learn more about back lifts or back lift recovery tips, contact Dr. Gregory Wiener today and schedule an appointment!

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