Debunking Myths about Botox

Botox® Chicago, IL Debunking myths— especially about Botox— may be one of our favorite ways to introduce patients to the facts and fictions surrounding popular procedures. As three myths that we haven’t previously addressed, this article will discuss how Botox isn’t permanent, how it can’t prevent you from developing wrinkles, and how it won’t give you botulism. Read on to learn more.

Myth #1: It’s Permanent

No matter how many times you get Botox injections, it will not be permanent. One of the biggest things to be aware of when you are considering getting Botox is that it is temporary. Lasting around 3-4 months on average, Botox can give patients real results, but it will need to be re-administered every couple of months for you to maintain your youthful look.

Myth #2: It Prevents You From Developing Wrinkles

Although there is a common myth circulating the fact that Botox can prevent you from developing further wrinkles later on down the line, it doesn’t work in the way that you think. Rather than actually preventing your skin from forming wrinkles entirely, Botox works on the muscular level to help constrict your muscle and facial movement which in turn, makes it harder for wrinkles to form.

Myth #3: It Gives Your Botulism

Botulism is a bacterial infection that is typically derived from food or soil and causes paralyzes or even death. Derived from this same bacteria, botulinum A (Botox) is a strand that is sterile and harm-free— meaning that you won’t have to worry about getting sick.

Whether you have fine lines and wrinkles across your face and forehead, you want to restrict movement near your mouth, or you just want to look more youthful, Botox may as well be considered your best friend. To learn more about Botox and whether or not it’s beneficial to you. Contact Dr. Gregory Wiener today!

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