From Smaller to Bigger: What You Need to Know About Your Calves

Calf Implants Chicago, ILYou work hard at the gym for the perfect legs and body. And although you may have the muscle definition you want, you may not have the size of calf muscles you’ve been aiming for. For men, big calf muscles just show how masculine you are. Whereas for women, big calves just make you feel less like a woman. Whether your calf muscles are too big or too small, this article will discuss a few of the options for you to choose from with the help of Dr. Gregory Wiener. Read on to learn more.

Smaller Calves

If you have larger calves either due to excess fat or genetics, then Dr. Gregory Wiener may recommend a procedure like CoolSculpting or even liposuction. Although not typically done on areas of the body like the calves, these two weight loss procedures are gaining increasing popularity at giving patients smaller calves. During your initial consultation with Dr. Wiener, he will go over which of these two options will give you better results based on your current weight, the size of your calf muscles, and your existing health condition.

Larger Calves

If you want to kick your “scrawny” nickname to the curb, then you may want to consider calf implants. By surgically implanting a silicone implant in between the fascia and your existing calf muscle, Dr. Gregory Wiener can give you the larger and more defined calf muscles that you have always wanted.

If you haven’t been able to achieve the size of calf muscles you want from exercise alone, then you may need to consider either a weight loss procedure or calf implants from Dr. Gregory Wiener. To learn more about each of these options or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Wiener’s office today!

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