Mid-Face Lift Vs. Face Lift

facelift When it comes to the world of plastic surgery, it can seem like every corner you turn there are different procedures that claim to make you look and feel younger. However, although things such as fillers and injectables help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, they are also only temporary solutions to an otherwise larger issue. If you would like to a more permanent fix in regards to your aging skin, you may want to consider getting a lift— there are two main lifts you will want to consider, a mid-face lift and a face lift. Read on to learn more.

What is a traditional face lift?
During a traditional face lift, Dr. Wiener will work to smooth the loose skin around your neck and face in order to help give you that youthful appearance that you are starting to miss. During the surgical process, Dr. Wiener will make incisions both on the hairline and behind the ears and will then use an endoscope to help guide him through the procedure in order to deliver more precise and accurate results.

What is a mid-face lift?
During a mid-face lift, Dr Wiener will pull the middle of the face in order to smooth and tighten the skin. This specific type of lift is used to target the middle of the face including the nose, eyes, and corners of the mouth that tend to start to sag and lose elasticity as you continue to age.

During the surgical process, Dr. Wiener will make small incisions around the temples and then will use an endoscope in order to properly evaluate and assess just exactly what needs to be removed and how.

There are benefits to both a traditional face lift and a mid-face lift. Depending on what areas of your face you are looking to target, will help you and Dr. Gregory Wiener determine what type of surgery will give you the best results possible. In order to learn more about face lift surgeries or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Gregory Wiener’s office today!

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