How to Care for Your Breasts After A Lift

breast lift As you age, your skin starts to lose its elasticity and things like your breasts start to sag. And if you have had children and have breastfed them, your breasts can look and feel even more deflated than ever. Luckily, with surgical procedures such as breast lifts, you can help to lift your breasts and restore them to their original location— away from your knees and back on your chest. If you have decided to undergo a breast lift or if you are still considering this procedure, then it’s important to understand what the recovery process entails and what you can expect. Read on to learn more.

The Two Week Rule
When it comes to recovery from a breast lift, it’s a good idea to follow the two week rule which means that for the first two weeks following surgery, you need to be really diligent about the following:

  • Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach: If you are a stomach sleeper, then this recommendation is going to be really hard for you. However, as your body recovers from the surgery, you aren’t going to want to apply any undue pressure on your chest such as sleeping on it.
  • Avoid Strenuous Activity: Although you should be fine to go on small walks around the block or even your house, you should avoid any sort of strenuous activity or exercise during this recovery period.
  • Avoid Heavy Lifting: If your job involves lifting a lot of heavy objects or if you are a parent and need to lift your kids a lot, try to avoid this as much as possible during this time.
  • Wear a Bra: Additionally, as your body heals during this two week period, Dr. Gregory Wiener will encourage you to wear a specialized bra that will help keep your breasts from moving too much and will give them the support that they need.

When it comes to any type of surgery, it’s important to understand what you can expect during the recovery process. By sticking to the things listed in the “Two Week Rule” section of this article, you should be golden. To learn more about other recovery tips and tricks, or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Gregory Wiener’s office today!

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