Why choose the placement of breast implants plus a lift during your chest surgery

At Gregory Wiener Plastic Surgery, many women approach his practice in need of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is widely accepted and can help patients look and feel their best. Women who are struggling with sagging or deflated breasts are often interested in our breast augmentation and breast lift procedures. In fact, Dr. Wiener can combine the two treatments to give women an effective way of addressing small and sagging breasts.

Why combine breast implants with a breast lift?

Changes to the breasts are not always size-related. The breasts can become deflated in appearance after pregnancy and breastfeeding. At the same time, the breasts may sag and lower due to increased skin laxity, especially after weight changes occur. By combining the placement of breast implants with a breast lift, women can dramatically change the appearance of the breasts and their positioning all at once. After the implants are placed in the breasts, the doctor can then remove excess skin and reposition the areola for a natural look.

Who is a candidate for breast augmentation with lift?

The patients who are most appropriate for breast augmentation and lift are women who want to address both volume and positioning of the breasts in one surgical procedure. Using these two treatments, women can restore their youthful appearance while improving the overall size and shape of the breasts by adding one or two cup sizes to their current breast size. During a consultation, our providers will evaluate a patient and help her decide what size and location would be best to achieve with this procedure.

Discuss breast augmentation and lift procedures with Dr. Gregory Wiener

Houston, TX women interested in improving their chest area with breast implants and breast lifts are strongly encouraged to take the time to learn more about combining these two procedures for the best results! At Gregory Wiener Plastic Surgery, women can discuss their needs with a professional who has years of experience offering cosmetic body procedures. Call (773) 763-3990 to request an appointment at the practice at 2323 Clear Lake City Boulevard, Suite #152. We are here to help new and current patients.

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