What Happens After Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

Brazilian butt lift After a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), it can take some time for the buttocks to fully heal following a fat transfer. The locations where the liposuction was performed and the buttock region may swell or bruise, feel sore, and require you to get lots of rest for at least a few weeks. Maintenance may include wearing a compression garment over your buttocks and liposuctioned regions for about a month. In most cases, however, you can return to light work after a week or two and more physically demanding activities within six weeks. Here are a few other tips for adjusting your lifestyle right after getting a BBL:

Temporary Adjustments After Getting a Brazilian Butt Lift


One of the difficulties that people have after undergoing a BBL is figuring out the right sleeping position. Although lying down after a BBL relieves some of the strain on your buttocks, you should still be careful. For the same reason that sitting is discouraged for roughly eight weeks, you should also refrain from sleeping on your back during this period.


You may take a shower 48 hours after getting a BBL; however, it’s important to follow post-surgery instructions and keep the incisions covered when you shower, as water can cause discomfort and infection. You should avoid swimming, saunas, hot tubs, or taking baths until you have fully recovered.


After a BBL, you should wait at least four to six weeks before resuming your exercise routine. In order for the transplanted fat cells to stabilize with enough blood supply, you must allow your BBL enough time to heal before jumping back into rigorous physical activity, including sexual intercourse. However, you can still stay active by taking mild, quick walks around the house as you’re recovering after BBL surgery.

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