The Art of Rhinoplasty: Choosing the Right Nose For Your Face

woman-in-stripesMichael Jackson did it, Lil Kim did it, and so have a lot of other high-profile celebrities since then. Botched nose jobs or rhinoplasties, certainly aren’t a thing of the past. By getting nose jobs done that look nothing like a natural nose but more like a Who’s nose from Dr. Seuss’s Whoville, some plastic surgeons are ruining the art of rhinoplasty. If you are considering getting your nose done but are worried that your results will make you look more like Michael Jackson post surgery then consider the following tips to help you choose the right nose for your face. Read on to learn more.

  1. Problem Areas

The first step in identifying what kind of nose you want is to look at the problem areas you have with your current nose. Is it too wide? Is it too pronounced? Do you have a large bump on the top of it? Point out to your surgeon what you would like to have fixed and why. This will help your doctor determine what the final outcome should look like.

  1. Your Face Shape

The problem with celebrities like Michael Jackson and Lil Kim’s nose jobs is that their noses were simply far too small for their face. When considering what kind of nose is suitable for your face, you need to make sure that you pick one that matches your face shape and face size— that way it won’t look disproportionate. For instance, if you have a larger, rounder face with fairly pronounced features, you shouldn’t reduce the size of your nose too much because it will simply look out of place.

  1. Look At Others

Another more obvious way to choose a nose is to look through pictures of noses and choose which ones you are more attracted to. Your surgeon might have you thumb through pictures of past patients in order to pinpoint what look you are going for. Then, your surgeon can try to replicate that same nose shape in a way that is still unique to you and your face structure.

Nothing makes the world of plastic surgery look quite as awful as a botched nose job. If you are considering getting a rhinoplasty but have a little bit of ambivalence about the whole thing, make sure you follow the above steps in order to get the right, natural looking results.

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