Suffering From Asymmetrical Breasts? What to Know

Breast Procedures Chicago, IL If you have kids, you know that it’s hard to make everything even. You try to make their lunches even, their allowances even, their birthdays even, and you try to give them an even amount of attention. However, it’s not always possible because life isn’t about being equal, it’s about being seen. Similarly, did you know that your body isn’t symmetrical? If you were to draw a line down the middle of your face, you would more than likely notice distinct differences on each side of your face.  Although some asymmetry is normal throughout your body, if it’s too obvious, it can make you feel self-conscious— especially if it’s the part of your body like your breasts. 

How Are Asymmetrical Breasts Caused?

Your breasts can change sizes during menstruation, pregnancy, and other hormonal changes, which are all very common. Another condition that is very rare, however, is a condition called juvenile or virginal hypertrophy of the breast which causes one breast to be significantly larger than the other— resulting in a variety of physical and emotional problems. Additionally, sometimes tumors or cysts can cause your breasts to become asymmetrical. 

How Can They Be Treated?

Depending on just how severe the asymmetry is, will help Dr. Gregory Wiener determine what type of surgery should be performed. Typically, different sizes of implants will be placed in each breast to help add symmetry. In some instances, Dr. Gregory Wiener may recommend that some of your existing breast tissue be removed and then have an implant placed in the top to add volume to the breasts. During your initial consultation, you will work together to decide what option is best for you.

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