Meet The Hair Loss Treatment With a 98% Success Rate

Close,Up,Photo,Of,Clean,Healthy,Man's,Hair.,Young,Man When exploring hair restoration options, many patients are disheartened to find that some methods have a low success rate. Thankfully, they don’t have to worry about that with NeoGraft®.

Using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), this treatment offers dramatically enhanced results over traditional hair transplants. What’s more, it is minimally invasive and has a high success rate of up to 98%.

On Average, 98% of NeoGraft Hairs Thrive

Methods of hair transplantation vary, and they have a success rate ranging from 50% to over 90%. NeoGraft has one of the highest success rates out of any hair restoration treatment. Typically, 98% of transplanted hair grafts survive and grow.

As the highest-performing, least invasive option on the market, NeoGraft opens the door for many men to experience the benefits of hair restoration without the need for heavy anesthesia, sedation, or a long recovery period.

When you meet with Dr. Gregory Wiener, he will help you determine what to expect from treatment realistically. Results vary by patient, and it’s important to work with a practitioner who will give you the individual care and support you need.

How It Works

NeoGraft uses the most advanced hair transplant technology, called the FUE system, to harvest hair follicles and implant them in areas that are thinning or balding. Dr. Gregory Wiener uses the automated NeoGraft 2.0 system, the most advanced version of the device that has a no-touch implantation process.

Thanks to the precision and minimal invasiveness of the procedure, patients are left with no linear scar. They also don’t require any stitches or staples after treatment. There are still some restrictions post-treatment, but they are minimal, and most patients can resume working the next day.

Are You a Good Candidate for NeoGraft in Chicago, IL?

Consider reaching out to explore NeoGraft if:

  • You are suffering from hair loss around the front or sides of your head.
  • You would prefer to wear a shorter style on the side and back of your head.
  • You have a decent amount of hair on the back of your scalp for maximum extraction.

Schedule a Consultation With Dr. Gregory Wiener

With board certification and decades of experience, Dr. Wiener is an esteemed plastic surgeon who delivers the most personalized care possible to his patients. He believes that everyone’s idea of beauty is unique, and each person deserves care that supports their ideal self.

You can schedule a NeoGraft consultation by submitting your contact information or calling the office in Chicago at 773-763-3990.

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