What to Know About Laser for Sun Spots

Skin Resurfacing Chicago, ILHaving a tan line is considered a right of passage during the summer months, but sunspots are something entirely different. In fact, they are pretty much dreaded by most. As flat, light brown spots that can appear all across your body— especially your face and hands, sunspots can seem impossible to get rid of— unless you try laser. Here at Dr. Gregory Wiener’s office, we offer patients a variety of different facial treatments— including laser— to help target all kinds of skin concerns including sunspots. Does laser for sunspots sound like something you’re interested in learning more about? Let’s take a closer look.

How Does Laser Target Sunspots?

By using precise beams of light, laser targets the melanin in your sunspots and breaks it up— leaving you with a clearer complexion in the process. Depending on how many sunspots you have and how well your skin responds to the laser will help us determine how many sessions you will need.

Does It Work?

Yes, for most people, laser for sunspots is very effective. After your first session, we will be better able to determine just how effective it is for your specific skin type and condition.

Does It Last?

This is a tough question to answer because there are several factors that contribute to how long your results last for. For instance, patients who spend little to no time in the sun will have longer lasting effects than someone who spends hours outdoors every day. We encourage all of our patients to invest in a high-quality sunscreen that contains ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide— both of which help to shield and protect the skin from further sun damage.

If you have sun spots that aren’t fading on their own, then laser may help. Schedule your consultation today at our Chicago office and call us at (773) 763-3990.

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