Don’t Chap Your Hide: 3 Ways to Keep Your Lips from Drying Out

lip balm Sexy lips are enough to drive anyone crazy. If you recently enhanced your lips by getting injections from Dr. Gregory Wiener, you know how utterly irresistible they can be. However, even with your new plump pout, the winter winds and cold can cause your lips to lose moisture, crack, and dry out. By drinking more water and applying lip balm throughout the day, you can keep your lips full and healthy all winter long. Read on to learn more.

Drink More Water
Once your body is dehydrated, your skin starts to lose elasticity and your lips immediately start to turn white and dry out. And although you may be reaching for another cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate, consider switching to water instead. Water is the best medicine for your entire body— including your lips. By drinking more water, you can help with the blood flow in your body and make your lips feel more moisturized.

Apply a Lip Balm
Whether you prefer a flavored lip balm or just an all-natural basic one from the drugstore, your lips will thank you for using it. By adding moisture and locking it in, a lip balm is one of the most fundamental ways that you can prevent them from getting and staying chapped.

Avoid the Elements
The primary cause of dry, chapped lips is exposing them to the elements. Sun, the wind, and even the cold can suck the moisture out of your lips and leave them feeling extremely chapped or even burned. On especially sunny, cold, or windy days, try to spend most of your time indoors. And if you have to go outside, make sure to double up on the lip balm.

If you recently got lip injections from Dr. Gregory Wiener, make sure your lips stay as silky smooth as possible by following the tips listed above. If you would like to learn more about other ways that you can take care of your lips following your injections, contact Dr. Gregory Wiener today!

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