Common Liposuction Treatment Areas

Liposuction isn’t meant for weight loss. But it is a versatile procedure that can help eliminate unwanted fat within the skin tissue. Liposuction is one of the most successful medical procedures helping men and women an opportunity to attain their desired body shape. It is a body sculpting technique used to eliminate fat on various body parts. If you’re considering this procedure, these are areas The Art of Surgery led by Dr. Wiener treats.


Liposuction in the buttocks is common for patients that want flat-looking buttocks. But that doesn’t mean the procedure will make the buttocks look toned. Instead, liposuction will reduce the amount of fat in the buttocks.


Do you want to get rid of those fats around your hips? Liposuction could be the ideal solution. The procedure also helps burn off stubborn fats around the hips and flanks. The skin around the hips is usually very elastic, so performing liposuction can be effective.


Liposuction can help burn off fats on the anterior, outer, and inner thighs. If you can touch your thighs while standing, you probably need liposuction. Getting rid of the fat in the thighs can make you feel better about your appearance. You may also undergo this procedure if you want to remove excess fat to attain the correct curve.


Men with huge breasts or suffering from gynecomastia may try liposuction to improve their body appearance. Liposuction can help reduce the size of breasts and recontour the chest to make you more masculine.


It is common for fat deposits to collect around the neck and under the chin. Patients with elastic skin can have their condition treated with liposuction. Those with saggy, loose skins can also have their skin coupled with a neck lift.

The Art of Plastic Surgery understands the frustration that an undesired body causes. Men and women struggling to lose fatty deposits naturally can now consider liposuction. It is an ideal procedure for patients hoping to burn large amounts of fat. Liposuction is a body sculpting procedure. So never expect the same result as a weight loss procedure.

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