4 Myths About Brow Lifts Debunked

Brow Lift Chicago, IL You may not realize it, but your eyebrows tend to show more of your emotions than you may want to let on. As they start to lose collagen and elasticity around your eyes and forehead, many patients get mistaken for looking constantly mad because of drooping skin. Luckily, with a cosmetic surgical procedure called a brow lift, Dr. Gregory Wiener can lift either part of the browline or the entire thing— leaving your friends no longer guessing whether you’re mad or not. Below are some common myths about brow lifts.

Myth #1: Botox Is Better

Yes, it’s true that Botox is continually one of the most popular procedures we offer our patients for a good reason. However, just like with all things, there’s a time and place for Botox. If you want long term results, a brow lift may be the way to go.

Myth #2: You’ll Be Called ScarFace

Although we can’t guarantee that you won’t scar after a brow lift, chances of you scarring are minimal. By making strategic incisions, Dr. Gregory Wiener will try to give you great results without you having to worry about having huge scars to show for it.

Myth #3: You’ll Look Shocked

One of the biggest misconceptions that patients have about brow lifts is that it will make them look shocked or surprised. Although Dr. Gregory Wiener will perform a brow lift to lift and tighten your skin, it will look natural. In fact, the results of a brow lift give patients a more relaxed and refreshed appearance.

Myth #4: A Facelift Is Better

A facelift is an ideal procedure for the ideal patient. If you don’t have any excess skin around your neck or lower portion of your face, a facelift isn’t for you. A browlift is a more subtle way to correct deep creases across the forehead, reduce frown lines between the forehead, and fix droopy skin.

Does a brow lift sound like something you’re interested in? Schedule your brow lift consultation with Dr. Gregory Wiener today!

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