How to Recover From A Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Chicago, IL

Having a flat buttocks isn’t something that most people aim for. To help you get ready for spring break this year, why not give your buttocks the lift and volume that it needs? With a brazilian butt lift, Dr. Wiener will remove fat from one part of your body— like your upper thighs or abdomen— and then inject it into your buttocks; giving you a rounder, fuller buttocks in the process. To make sure that the fat settles into your buttocks, we have created a list of a few ways for you to recover more comfortably. 

Stand More

One of the hardest parts about recovering from a brazilian butt lift is not being able to sit on your buttocks for about 10 days as the fat settles. To help you stay comfortable throughout the day, consider doing activities that require more standing. For instance, if you are working at your computer from home, place it at your kitchen counter and stand while you work; that way you don’t put pressure on your buttocks but you also stay a little bit more comfortable as well. 

Sleep On Your Side

In addition to not being able to sit on your buttocks for ten days, you also shouldn’t sleep on your back. If you are normally a back sleeper, this may be a little bit of an adjustment but it is definitely possible to do. To help you stay comfortable while side sleeping and to support your back, make sure that you use several back pillows to place in between your legs; this will help to support your lower back while you sleep so that you don’t wake up feeling sore and achy. 

Wear Your Compression Garments

The compression garments we send you home with may not be the sexiest things that you own but they will definitely be one of the most comfortable things to wear while you are recovering. Make sure that you wear your compression garments both morning and night; the more consistent you are with wearing these, the faster you will recover, the more likely swelling will go on, and the more comfortable you will stay. 

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