Getting the Right Breast Size for Your Body

blue-tank-measuring-SmallWhen it comes to breast augmentation surgery, many women have the opinion that “the bigger the breasts, the better.” However, if you have a slim or petite frame, bigger breasts may just make you look top heavy and resemble nothing like your natural self. If you’re considering getting breast implants, but just aren’t sure how to tell what size is right for you, follow these suggestions.

  1. Try on Bras

A great way to decide on an ideal breast size is to try on larger sized bras that will help give you the illusion of larger breasts. That way you can compare your potential breast size to your frame and build, and get to really see if it will make you look disproportionate or a bit more natural.

  1. Look Around

Yes, it might sound like a bizarre idea at first, but looking at other women who have a similar body type as yourself, will help you see what size of breasts you should get. For instance, if you see a woman with your same body type but with extremely large breasts, it might help you decide to go against that large of breasts and instead opt for a more natural looking pair.


  1. Be Descriptive

During your initial consultation, make sure that you relay to your doctor what look you are going for. Explain to your doctor whether or not you want a drastic or subtle change to your appearance. This will help both you and your doctor narrow down the ideal cup size for you, that won’t leave you leaving the doctor feeling dissatisfied.


  1. Understand Your Body Type

All women want a body that resembles Cindy Crawford’s in the 1990’s but very few people have a body that even remotely resembles hers. Understanding your body type will help you more accurately choose a breast implant size. For instance, if you’re overweight or a little curvier, you may want to opt for a larger sized implant than if you are petite and slim.

Choosing the right sized breast implant doesn’t have to be a big deal. By following these 4 easy tips, you can rest assured that you get the best results and look you are going for.

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