Bra-Line Back Lift Recovery Tips

Bra-line Back Lift Chicago, IL Having a slender body is one thing but having fat in certain areas of your body that you just can’t seem to get rid of, is another. If you have noticed that you have some excess fat that likes to peep up and over your bra line, then you may want to consider a bra-line back lift from Dr. Gregory Wiener. During this surgical procedure, Dr. Wiener will make an incision across the back that can be hidden by your bra or swimsuit and then excess skin and fat will be removed to give you a flatter looking back. After you are sent to the recovery room and are approved to go home, then the real recovery process begins. So, what can you expect from recovery? Dr. Wiener has a few tips to help you have a smoother and hopefully faster recovery.

Avoid Vigorous Exercise or Heavy Lifting

For about 2 weeks after your bra-line back lift surgery, Dr. Wiener encourages patients to avoid any sort of vigorous exercise or heavy lifting. Once your incisions have fully healed and Dr. Wiener gives you the go-ahead, then you can start easing into things again.

Wear a Comfortable Bra

When we first send you home from surgery, we will usually give you a form-fitting surgical garment to wear post-operatively. For the next few weeks while everything is healing, most women prefer to wear a comfortable bra with a  wide strap; that way there isn’t any sort of pain or discomfort while your back is healing.

Be Careful With Sleep

For the first few days while your back heals, try to avoid sleeping flat on your back because it can place some pressure on it. If you are a back sleeper, then consider continuing to wear the surgical garment as an extra layer of protection while you’re sleeping.

Don’t worry: we will send you home with more detailed recovery instructions after your surgery. If you want to learn more about bra-line back lift surgery, schedule a consultation at our Chicago office and call us at (773) 763-3990.

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