Should I Get Calf Implants?

Naked,Long,Legs,Of,Sitting,Woman.,Her,Hand,Is,Touching Consider calf implants if you want to give your calves more shape or a defined contour. With this procedure, Dr. Gregory Wiener, a board-certified plastic surgeon, makes small incisions in the creases behind your knees to insert the calf implants. Once healed, these implants can make your calves appear fuller and more muscular. Keep reading to see if calf implants could help you achieve your desired aesthetic.

Why People Get Calf Implants

Patients may opt for calf implants for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To enhance the shape of your leg
  • To correct a leg issue from an injury or congenital abnormality
  • As part of gender affirmation surgery

Calf Implant Materials and Sizes

Calf implants are usually made from FDA-approved soft, rubbery silicone with the same feel as muscle. They come in two types: solid silicone, which can be shaped before inserting it, or implants filled with silicone gel.

In addition to the two silicone types, implants come in different sizes and shapes. Before surgery, Dr. Wiener measures your legs to determine the best size and shape. You can get up to two implants in one leg.

If your calves are the same size, you might want the same implant for both legs. However, if your calves are not the same size, you can get two different implants to help them appear more symmetrical and balanced.

You can even get a fat transfer or graft to give more volume to your calves. With this option, Dr. Wiener performs liposuction and injects the purified fat into your legs.

Types of Calf Implants

You can have subcutaneous or submuscular calf implants. If you choose subcutaneous, the implant goes under your skin but on top of your gastrocnemius calf muscle. It’s the least invasive of the two procedures, and recovery is usually faster. However, you may have a less natural look to the implants.

Submuscular implants are inserted below the gastrocnemius muscle. While this method makes your calves look more natural, you have a longer recovery time.

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