From the Recovery Room to Home:What to Expect from Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast correctionAs the most popular form of plastic surgery in the world, breast augmentation surgery is a common procedure that many women undergo each day. If you’re considering getting breast augmentation surgery or even have your appointment booked, one of the biggest things to be aware of is the recovery process. From what to expect in the recovery room to what to expect for the month following surgery, this article will address all phases of a normal breast augmentation recovery process.


After Surgery

Directly after surgery your breast will be wrapped in a thick gauze material and you will be placed in a recovery room where you will be monitored for typically around two hours. They will monitor your heart rate, your blood pressure, and the surgical site to make sure there isn’t any immense bleeding occurring.


All Clear

Once you’ve been cleared to go home, your doctor will likely recommend that you rest for about two to three days— plus due to the pain medications that you will be on, you’re likely not going to want to do anything else besides rest.


Rest Time

Additionally after you have rested for a couple of days, your doctor will also probably recommend that you wear a medical sports bra for the next two to three weeks. This specially designed sports bra will support your breasts in a way that other sports bras aren’t designed to. Among wearing this sports bra, and if suggested by your doctor, gently massage the breast tissue around your breasts in order to break it up. This is crucial to not only ensure that your breasts heal properly but that they also look and feel more natural.


While you are resting at home you will be required to avoid exercise for the first two weeks and any sort of lifting for another month post surgery. Once you have been cleared to start lifting again and have been given the okay to remove your medical sports bra, you can resume life as usual but with more confidence and with a body that you’ve always wanted.


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