How to Create a Thanksgiving Menu That Won’t Make You Gain Weight Back After Liposuction

Liposuction Chicago ILIf you have just gotten liposuction from Dr. Gregory Wiener then you may have a love/hate relationship just thinking about Thanksgiving. Although Thanksgiving is a great time to gather together with family and friends, it also comes with more than enough calories to make you gain some weight back. Here at our office, Dr. Wiener encourages patients to make healthy choices after lipusction— including diet and exercise— to prevent against gaining the weight back. To help you make wise choices (even on Thanksgiving) Dr. Wiener has created a list of a few things you can add to your Thanksgiving menu.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are filled with vitamins and minerals which makes them an excellent choice to add to your Thanksgiving table. Traditionally, though, they are usually covered with a bunch of brown sugar, butter, or marshmallows which takes out the health benefits. Rather than creating one of these sugar and fat-filled casseroles this holiday, consider servicing roasted sweet potatoes drizzled with olive oil and salt instead.

Mashed Cauliflower

This may sound like a weird alternative to mashed potatoes but it’s definitely worth trying. Mashed cauliflower has a similar texture to traditional mashed potatoes and is even a little sweeter which makes it equally as tasty. Plus, cauliflower is a lot lower in calories and fat which make it a much healthier choice.

Cranberry Sauce

Rather than covering your turkey in gravy which is high in saturated fats, consider making your own cranberry sauce and using that instead. Cranberry sauce is a lot healthier than gravy and it will help you add a little bit of flavor to your plate.

Don’t let Thanksgiving be a day where you gain back your weight after liposuction. Use the tips in this article to help have a low-fat holiday. Ready to learn a little bit more about how you can maintain your liposuction results? Contact our Chicago office today and call us at (773) 763-3990.

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