Bra-line Back Lift Chicago, IL

Bra-line Back Lift Chicago, ILIdeal candidates for the Bra-Line Back Lift are those with sagging skin caused by aging, sun exposure or massive weight loss such as that which occurs after bariatric surgery. While it is not for women only, men do not tend to develop sagging skin or back fat rolls from aging and sun exposure at the same rate as women do.

This surgery is done using general anesthesia and takes from 1 to 2 hours. An incision is made across the back, and excess folds and bulges of skin are removed. Most women find that the scar is easily hidden behind their bra or bathing suit and Dr. Wiener’s patients report significant improvements in their appearance – and their overall confidence.

Post-operatively, patients will be given a form fitting surgical garment to wear. For the next few weeks most women prefer a comfortable bra with a wide transverse strap. After undergoing this surgery to remove back fat rolls, Dr. Wiener recommends that you avoid any vigorous exercise or heavy lifting for approximately 2 weeks. Most patients are able to resume their normal activity after 4 weeks.

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