Tips for maintaining your plastic surgery results

Plastic surgery is an investment of time and money, and you want to make sure you are able to maximize your results. Even though some results from surgery are permanent, the natural aging process continues and the steps you take after surgery can help maintain results for many years after surgery. Here are some top tips for maximizing plastic surgery outcomes.

Eat a healthy diet. Your lifestyle habits will be important in the weeks leading up to and after surgery for optimal outcomes. Good health can benefit you in many ways. Eat the right foods that have the nutrients your body needs and drink plenty of water each day. Avoid smoking, as nicotine not only impacts your body’s ability to heal, and most plastic surgeons require you to quit smoking for a few weeks before and after surgery. Excessive alcohol consumption can impact your recovery time as well, and negatively affects your health as well.

Get regular exercise. You will have some restrictions depending on the surgery you have, but you will have guidance on when you can ease back into exercising. Getting back to regular exercise and the activities you love will help ensure your results last and you retain your new look long after surgery.

Great skincare is essential. While many surgical techniques are done in a way to conceal scarring, sometimes scarring is something that comes with surgery. Follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions to make sure your scars heal properly and fade over time. You will want to protect new skin and scars when you are out in the sun. A broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays will be increasingly important to ensure your scars heal properly. If you’ve had a facial procedure, a good skincare routine will help you extend the results of your improved appearance.

Non-surgical treatments can enhance results. Depending on the surgical procedure you have done, other surgical procedures, dermal fillers and facial treatments may maximize your results.

Plastic surgery has high patient satisfaction rates, as most patients love their results for several years after surgery. If you are interested in plastic surgery procedures that can improve your appearance, schedule a consultation with Dr. Wiener by calling (773) 763-3990 today.

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