Why Massage Helps Breasts heal Faster After An Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Chicago IL The last thing you may want to do after a breast augmentation is massage your breasts and apply pressure to them. However, it’s one of the best things that you can do for them. Here at Dr. Wiener’s office, we will send you home with a list of recovery instructions including how to massage your breasts. If you look at this tip and are a bit curious as to why it’s helpful, then this article is just for you.

What Does Massage Do?

As your body heals after your breast augmentation, it will produce scar tissue around your implants. When too much scar tissue builds up around your implant, it can cause a condition called capsular contracture which can make your breasts feel really hard to the touch and become painful. When you massage your breasts, however, it helps prevent the build up of scar tissue which, in turn, reduces the likelihood that you will get capsular contracture.

What Are the Details of Massage?

Directly following your surgery and during your first follow-up appointment, Dr. Wiener and staff will discuss everything that you need to know about post augmentation massage. For instance, Dr. Wiener will not only go over when you should start massaging them, but how you should massage them and how much pressure you should apply. Make sure that when you first start massaging your breasts that you use all of the proper techniques.

There are some things that may sound counterintuitive to do after a surgery like a breast augmentation and massage may be one of them. The good news about massage is that even though it may be a bit uncomfortable at first, it will help prevent capsular contraction.

If you are interested in learning more about massage techniques or breast augmentation surgery in general, contact our Chicago office today and give us a call at:(773) 763-3990.

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