How to decide between breast augmentation and breast lift

If a woman is unhappy with the size, shape and youthful perkiness of their breast, she may think that breast augmentation is her only option. What she may need is a breast lift or a breast lift in addition to breast augmentation. Several factors come into play when deciding which procedure would be best for you. Here is what you need to consider when exploring breast enhancement surgery.

Breast volume

Pregnancy, weight loss and age can cause breasts to deflate or look flat. If you’ve lost fullness or the youthful round appearance you desire, breast implants will restore volume and improve the shape of your breasts. A breast lift can help correct sagging and lift the breasts into a more youthful position.

Breast size

Many women are unhappy with their breast size. If you have always wanted larger breasts, or you have abnormally small or one breast that’s larger than another, breast implants will help correct this problem. When it comes to implants, you have many options between implant type, size and shape. During your consultation, your surgeon will go over all of your options that will help you achieve the size and shape you desire. Saline and silicone gel implants are both FDA-approved for healthy women at certain ages.

If you have a good amount of natural breast tissue and sagging is your concern, you may only want a breast lift. The surgeon will work with existing breast tissue to lift and tighten the breasts. This surgery doesn’t add volume but repositions the breasts into a more youthful, perkier, firmer appearance.

Nipples and areolae

When breasts lose volume and skin stretches, the nipples tend to point downward or sit below your breast crease. A breast lift will reposition the nipple and areolae into a more youthful position. If your areolae have stretched or become larger, the surgeon will reshape and reduce their size at this time as well.

If you are interested in discussing whether breast augmentation, a breast lift or combination of the two is right for you, book a consultation with Dr. Wiener by calling (773) 763-3990 today.

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