6 things you should know about eyelid surgery

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Chicago, ILOur eyes are one of the first places on our face to show aging. If you have wrinkles around the eyes, drooping skin on the upper eyelid and puffiness under the eyes, now may be a good time to consider eyelid surgery to help restore a youthful look to your face. Here are six things you should know about this popular surgical procedure.

Incision lines are designed to be hidden. Incisions on upper eyelid surgery are made within the natural folds of the eyelid. Incisions for lower eyelid surgery are just below the lashes of the lower eyelid. Scars will look slightly pink as you recover, but they will fade and lines should be well hidden.

You can have upper and lower eyelids done in the same surgery. Excess fat is removed and loose skin can be tightened on upper eyelids. Bags on the lower eyelid will be removed and skin will be tightened to smooth out wrinkles and reveal a more rested appearance.

Eyelid surgery may improve your vision. If loose, drooping skin on your upper eyelids is affecting your eyesight, then eyelid surgery can help. Even patients who only have cosmetic reasons for surgery may notice a huge difference.

There is usually little pain. Eyelid tissue starts to heal immediately after surgery. Swelling and bruising will subside after a couple of weeks. Using cold compresses will help minimize bruising and swelling.

You can return to social activities and wearing makeup after about a week. There may be some swelling that lasts beyond the initial 7- to 10-day period after surgery, but most patients return to light activities in 7-10 days. Avoid strenuous activity for six weeks. Makeup can be worn in 5-7 days.

You may not have to undergo surgery. Laser blepharoplasty can tighten both the upper and lower eyelid skin without incisions. It can be done under local anesthesia or mild sedation in only a matter of minutes.

To learn more about your options for restoring a youthful appearance to your face, including eyelid surgery and non-surgical options, call (773) 763-3990 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wiener today.

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