3 Reasons to Get a Breast Lift

Having grown 70% since the year 2000, breast lifts or mastopexies have gained substantial popularity among women everywhere. By removing excess skin and tissues around the breast tissue, plastic surgeons are able to lift the breasts higher in order to give them back a more youthful and prominent appearance. However, why are so many women opting to get a breast? From old age to weight fluctuation, this article will discuss three prominent reasons why women are opting to get breast lifts.

Old Age
The combination of old age and gravity can cause certain parts of your body to sag in places you never knew possible. Not only can things like your neck and bottom start to sag but so can your breasts as well. And unfortunately, no amount of chest workouts of arm exercises will get your breasts back to an upright position. However, through getting a breast lift you can help to bring your breasts up higher and look younger than they have in years.

breastfeedingBreast Feeding
Motherhood is a wonderful part of life— from conception to adulthood, watching your children blossom and develop into unique humans is a joy for every mother to watch. However, as one of the most straining things you can put your body through, pregnancy and breastfeeding can leave your breasts looking and feeling more deflated than you likely knew possible. In fact, when you’re done breastfeeding, you may notice that your breasts resemble deflated balloons more than anything else. Luckily, by getting a breast lift and maybe even breast implants as well, you can help to lift your sagging and deflated breasts and get your pre-pregnancy body back.

Weight Fluctuation
Weight loss is an exciting and stressful thing to participate in. The process for excessive weight loss requires more discipline that you might never even realized that you had. And although it can be wonderful to fit in smaller sized clothes and see the numbers on the scale drop, weight loss can also cause your skin to sag and your breasts to hang fairly low. That’s why many people who have recently lost a lot of weight opt to get a breast lift.

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